Ballistic Protection

Ballistic Protection Visors (Faceshields)

Ballistic Protection Visors (Faceshields)

Bullet resistant visors / face shields for use on PASGT / MICH helmets are manufactured by Safe-Pro USA in Miami, FL U.S.A. with U.S. materials and are offered in Standard as well as Custom designs in progressive levels of protection against different a variety of projectile threats.


Bullet resistant visors / face shields are compliant to the NIJ Standard 0106.01 Level II and Level IIIA against 9 mm, .357 magnum and 44 magnum projectile threats.

Sizes: Standard 5” high x 15-1/2” curved length.
Shape: The visor is shaped to match the curvature of the front brim of the helmet.
Attachment of the visor to the Helmet: The visor is secured to the helmet with a lightweight aluminum metal frame which is designed to have 3-position quick engage and release. The metal frame is black painted in a durable finish.
Material of construction: U.S made acrylic and polycarbonate composite.
3-Position adjustability: In the first position, the visor/ face shield can be locked in position to cover and protect the User’s face; in the second position, it is at 45 degree angle to the horizontal and in the third position, it is at an angle of 90 degrees to the horizontal and positioned directly above the crown of the helet . All positions can be engaged and released quickly.

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