Ballistic Protection

Flak Jacket (Marine Type)

Flak Jacket (Marine Type)

Model: SP-AFJ-08, Marine Type Flak Jacket—Soft armor flexible, comfortable jacket with soft armor flexible ballistic insert panels.


NIJ Protection Level: Fully compliant to NIJ 0101.04, Level IIIA specification. Capable of defeating caliber 9 x 19 mm Parabellum FMJ RM, 8.2 grams bullet weight with 436 m/s muzzle velocity. *BLAST PROTECTED*

Area of Coverage: Ballistic protection coverage on the Front, Back, Sides, Neck, Side Shoulder and Groin.

Material of construction— Vest Carrier: The vest is built from high tenacity water resistant Cordura nylon fabric in woodland camouflage color.

Ballistic Inserts: The ballistic inserts are constructed of Kevlar and Twaron aramid fabric layers. All ballistic inserts are removable.

Waterproof construction: The ballistic inserts are en-capsulated within ultrasonically sealed pouch.

Quick Release Vest Closures: The Flak Jacket has ad-justable closure with two quick release buckles on each side and one quick release buckle on each shoulder for quick release and jettisoning in water.

Utility Pocket: The flak jacket is equipped with a front utility pocket.

The Collar is fixed to the vest and groin protector and the left and right shoulder-sides are detachable.

All soft armor panels are equipped with a layer of Anti-Trauma Layer of flotation foam.

Maximum Weight: Size Small: 4 Kg; Medium: 4.5 Kg, Large: 5 Kg; XLarge: 5.5 Kg.

Vest Sizing: The following are minimum dimensions:

Small: 34-36” waist and 14” height; Medium: 37-38” waist and 14” height*; Large: 39-40” waist and 15” height; XLarge: 40-41” waist and 15” height*.

* Height = Front Height from neck scoop to bottom.


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