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Bullet Resistant Mobile Panels

Bullet Resistant Mobile Panels

Model: Opaque Panel: SP-BPM-48×96-NIJ3-08.


• Protection Level: Compliant to the National Institute of Justice, NIJ 0108.01 Level III, Stand Alone. Protects against 7.62x51mm M80 NATO Ball ammunition.
• Overall Size of Panel: 48”High x 96”Wide.
• Aesthetics and Finish: Each panel is coated with durable black Polyurea coating for outdoor extreme temperature use.
• Weight per Panel: OPTIONS: (A) 350 lbs. (B) 250 lbs. (C ) 175 lbs. (Three Products with three different weights).
• Mobility: Each panel is mounted on four “L” shaped brackets with caster wheels. The caster wheels are 360 degrees swivel, 4” diameter and equipped with locking (braking) capability. The four caster wheels which support each panel are rated to support at least 600 lbs. of the panel weight.
• Panel Configurations: The “L” brackets are mounted on each panel in a manner which enables the panels to be configured at 90 degrees with each other without any interference of the “L” brackets and not having a gap between the panels.
• Packaging: Panels are shipped laid flat on a special pallet, with ease of disassembly and installation on site.
• Installation: Panels are rapidly installed at each location by the End-User with readily portable lifting and assembly equipment.

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