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Blast Resistant Bins

Blast Resistant Bins

Model: SP-BRB-332, Blast Resistant Bin, Explosive Storage Bin.


Protection Level: Capable of resisting up to 1 Kg. of explosive charge.

Description of Function of the Bin: Upon detonation of the explosive inside, the bin directionally vents the explosive blast upward through the top of the bin. Thus, collateral damage from blast forces to the surrounding area on the sides is mitigated.

Exterior Dimensions: 25” Diameter x 36” Height X 40 mm wall thickness.

Material of construction of EOD Bin: The explosive containment bin is constructed from high strength composite of Kevlar / aramid material which is capable of sustaining high magnitude blast forces.

Capability to Roll: The bin is equipped with two circumferential rings on its exterior in order to facilitate the bin to be rolled on the ground for short distances.

Weight: The blast resistant bin weighs approx. 210 lbs.

Lid: The bin is equipped with a freely detachable lid.

X-Ray Capability: The blast resistant bin is constructed 100% with non metal composite materials, and has the capability to be X-Rayed for viewing contents.

Color: The blast resistant bin is supplied in a textured durable black finish.

Bulk Transportation: The blast bins are designed to fit four on a pallet of size 48”x 48”. Bins can be stacked and transported in a Cargo Container.

Blast Test Verification: At an additional price, blast testing can be conducted with 1 Kg. of the specified explosive for test verification.

Explosives Containment Bins: Custom built bins of other sizes and designs, which can contain from 0.05 Kg. to 2 Kgs. of explosive charge are also offered.


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