Demining Capabilities

Fragmentation & Blast Resistant Protective Ensemble

Fragmentation & Blast Resistant Protective Ensemble

A lightweight demining ensemble featuring Fragmentation and Blast Resistant Helmet + Visor, Vest and Shin Guards.


Model: SP-DMEN-01-SM

Demining Helmet:

· Fragmentation resistant MICH helmet with high tenacity aramid fiber construction

· Over-the-ears protection

· STANAG 2920 V50 = 550 m/s


Demining Visor: 

· Dismountable from the helmet

· Extended length (12”)

· STANAG 2920 V50 = 210 m/s

· Visor can be flipped up


Fragmentation resistant vest offering protection to the following areas:

· Front chest

· Back

· Extended Shoulder protection, left and right

· Pelvic (groin) protection

· High Collar (neck) protection

· Front throat tab for throat protection

· Protection: NATO STANAG 2920, V50 = 450 m/s

· Customizable to torso dimensions, performance and weight


Blast and fragmentation resistant Shin Guard

· Protection per NATO STANAG 2920 V50 (17 grain / 1.1 gram FSP): 575 m/s

Additionally as an option, ballistic protection up to NIJ Level IIIA and NIJ Level III is available to be integrated into the Shin Guards

· Standard coverage of protection consists of shins, knees and ankle.

· Additional optional protection available for integration into the regular Shin Guards: Thighs and shoes (with fragmentation resistant overshoes)

· Fragmentation resistant overshoes provide blast and shrapnel resistant surround protection all around the regular shoes donned by the demining end– user

· Available in Green, Blue, Black and Tan colors

· Design allows full articulation at the knees and the full range of operational motions as required by the demining end user


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