Ballistic Protection

Hard Armor Plate NIJ Level IV

Hard Armor Plate NIJ Level IV

Safe-Pro Front and Back plates are designed and manufactured for compliance with the NIJ Standard 0101.06. The plate is available as Level IV Stand Alone with the weight of 2.6 kgs. It is constructed with Silicon Carbide ceramic material and unidirectional ultra high molecular weight polyethylene as the backing.


Model: SP-Lifeline-IV-03

Sizes: Front / Back: Nominal sizes: U.S. ESAPI Small, Medium, Large and X-Large 200 mm x 250 mm (S), 225 mm x 275 mm (M), 250 mm x 300 mm (L).

Protection Level :  NIJ 0101.06 Level IV  Stand Alone

Shape: Multi curve with Shooters Cut

Thickness: 25 mm approximately

Weight : 2.6 Kgs.

Rugged & Impact Resistant, highly durable.

Finish: Black nylon spall cover, with screen printed text.

Safe-Pro has in-house capability to manufacture and deliver these plates very  rapidly.

Made in the USA to military Standards

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