Fragmentation & Blast Resistant Protective Ensemble – NL

A lightweight fragmentation resistant ensemble built to protect humanitarian demining personnel from the effects of fragmentation during an unintended blast or explosion while conducting the demining operation.


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Protection Level: In accordance with STANAG 2920 1.1 gram of FSP, Fragmentation V50:

Jacket: 450 meters per second

Jacket Chest Area: 1000 meters per second in conjunction with (ICW) with the chest plate

Helmet: 575 meters per second

Visor: 210 meters per second

Protection Area: Head, Neck, Throat, Chest, Abdomen and Groin Protection. Leg protection is not included.

Chest Plate: The Jacket is equipped with a Chest Plate, which offers enhanced protection when used in conjunction with the Kevlar insert.

Material of Construction of the Jacket Outer Carrier: The Outer Shell (carrier) of the Jacket is constructed of flame retardant ripstop cotton fabric.

Fragmentation Resistant Insert Panels: The Jacket is equipped with removable fragmentation resistant inserts which are constructed of Kevlar woven aramid fabric and covered with water resistant nylon ripstop fabric.

Jacket Closure System: The Jacket has front to back adjustable closure flaps on the sides and also one closure on the left shoulder.

Visor Stabilizing Collar: The Jacket is equipped with a Collar  located at the chest level for inserting and stabilizing the bottom edge of the visor while performing the demining operation.

Emergency Jettisoning Features: The Jacket is equipped with a Quick Pull Tab, one on the left shoulder and the second on the left side of the waist. The Pull Tabs enable the wearer to quickly jettison the Jacket when needed.

Emergency Evacuation / Extraction: The Jacket is equipped with a “Man Down” grab handle located on the upper back. This enables the wearer to be moved / dragged away from harm.

Fully manufactured in the USA

Fragmentation Resistant Ensemble of Jacket, Helmet and Visor Specification Sheet


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