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Critical Infrastructure – Public Safety – Disaster Response

Airborne Response Corp. provides a wide range of UAS (“Unmanned Aircraft Systems” commonly referred to as “drones”)-based aerial technology services. This includes site mapping, critical infrastructure inspection, and customized aerial data capture, combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence processing, to provide customers with comprehensive data-driven insights and customized reporting so they can improve decision making surrounding their core operations.


Airborne Response customers are comprised of leading energy, telecommunications, and insurance firms located across Florida. The Company deploys highly trained and certified drone pilots to collect aerial imagery used to document and help assess the condition of critical infrastructure and property vital to life and safety. Services offered include:

  • Infrastructure (ex: telecommunications networks and power grids) inspection utilizing visual and/or IR/ thermal imagers and sensors
  • Drone as a Responder (“DaaR”) service providing autonomous drone operations in support of law enforcement and other first responders including police, fire and public safety for rapid incident response and assessment
  • Data capture, analytics and processing powered by ML and AI to provide customers with comprehensive data-driven insights and reporting
  • Drone-based, aerial services are provided to customers across multiple industries including enterprises such as insurance, public utilities, and telecommunication network operators
  • State and local/municipal governments and agencies
MISSION CRITICAL AERIAL INTELLIGENCE Protection Equipment & Aerial Managed Services



Airborne Response was created to fill a critical gap in the $1.4B+ drone services market:

  • Providing aerial services including routine monitoring of Florida’s power lines and poles (“Blue Sky”), as well as residential properties, conducting operations to assess the impact of storm damage (“Gray Sky”) under multi-year contracts
  • Conduct additional emergency and disaster response services to help recover from severe weather incidents such as hurricanes
  • Initially providing enterprise clients in large target markets including Insurance, Utilities and Telecommunications with low-cost, high technology infrastructure surveillance solutions
    • Existing base of initial enterprise customers including:
    • Florida Power & Light (FPL)(NextEra Energy)
    • Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
    • Motorola Solutions
  • Leveraging aerial technology for improved security through real-time information gathering for critical infrastructure monitoring and enhanced situational awareness and connectivity for ground personal



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