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IN THE NEWS: Airborne Response Completes Over 500 Drone Flights in Support of Hurricane Ian Recovery Efforts

Airborne Response a leading provider of mission-critical aerial intelligence using small uncrewed aircraft systems (sUAS), has completed more than 500 drone flights in Florida on behalf of enterprise customers supporting response, relief, and recovery efforts in the aftermath of Category 4 Hurricane Ian.

Overcoming immense logistical challenges associated with rising floodwaters and damage to critical infrastructure including closed roads and widespread power outages, Airborne Response teams are working with customers to restore electric service, telecommunications, and shelter to millions of Floridians affected by the storm.

“The type of support we are providing in the wake of Hurricane Ian is exactly why Airborne Response was created back in 2016,” says Christopher Todd, Founder and President of Airborne Response. “I am incredibly proud of the resiliency of our flight teams as they battle immense challenges and obstacles, working to provide the mission-critical aerial intelligence needed by our customers to safely restore services to millions of Floridians impacted by this unprecedented storm.”

Immediately after the storm, Mr. Todd personally toured Charlotte, Collier, Lee, Manatee, and Sarasota counties to assess damage from the storm and how it will impact UAS flight operations. Airborne Response continues to work with its enterprise customers in property insurance as well as those responsible to managing critical infrastructure including utilities and telecommunications, to improvise and implement new tactics to provide flight services in the hardest hit areas.

“We need to ensure the safety and security of our personnel while also exceeding service expectations of our customers,” says Todd. “This can be a difficult process in the wake of a major disaster, but we are starting to see early signs of stabilization in the area which will allow us to ramp up the pace and scope of our operations.”

Airborne Response provides aerial imagery and insights to leading energy, telecommunications, and insurance firms to help prepare for, respond to, and recover from complex emergencies and major natural disasters such as hurricanes. Airborne specializes in deploying resources into the hardest-hit areas to collect, assess and disseminate aerial imagery of disruption or damage to critical infrastructure. The Company was acquired by Safe Pro Group Inc. in September 2022.

“The devastation brought on by Hurricane Ian is immense, and that is why we are honored and humbled by the dedication of the Airborne Response team as their crews strive to help Florida recover from this deadly natural disaster,” said Dan Erdberg, Chairman and CEO, Safe Pro Group, Inc. “The rapid response to hurricanes is yet another clear demonstration of how drones and related technology can help protect property and save lives in the face of all types of adversity.”

For more information about Airborne Response, please visit airborneresponse.com.

If you are a remote pilot available for work, please visit pilots.airborneresponse.com


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